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Scaling to Success

Jan 22, 2021

Paul Minors is a productivity blogger and consultant who helps others implement systems and processes to streamline their business and lead a life of fulfillment. He is an avid YouTuber and his blog receives 100,000+ visitors each month. Paul is the example of critical thinking and designing a business that supports the life you want to live, not the other way around. In this interview we cover everything from lifestyle design to creating products that you are proud of. If you are a coach, consultant, or entrepreneur, this episode gives you great insight on how to think about building a company and a brand from the ground up.

3 Key Things You Will Takeaway from Today:

  • Build a business that supports the life you want to live and don't chase more for the sake of more
  • Leverage the 80/20 principles to keep your focus on the things that matter
  • Build content + products that you would enjoy to ensure that you enjoy the work

Show Highlights

  • Trends in Remote Work - 5:00
  • The Importance of Systems - 10:00
  • Work about Work - 11:30
  • Implementing Tools + Processes - 12:30
  • Making a Decision - 25:00
  • The 4 Hour Work Week - 27:00
  • Building a Lifestyle Business vs. Growing + Scaling - 32:00
  • Critical Thinking + Tradeoffs -43:00
  • The Importance of Consistency - 49:00
  • Delivering Unique Value - 56:00
  • Keys to Starting an Online Business - 59:00
  • 80/20 of Productivity - 1:08:00
  • Closing Thoughts - 1:16:00


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